What makes a good beard oil Extraordinary?

There are thousands...literately thousands...of beard oil companies out there.  When I first started looking for something for my unruly facial hair I realized that most of the oils on the market were either based on BRAND or or FRAGRANCE.  That wasn't good enough for me.  So I decided to hit the books. After tons and tons of research into beard hair, facial skin, carrier oils and essential oils I came up with Extraordinary Beards premium beard oil.  We are not based on brand...or fragrance.  Although our essential oils have great fragrance, their benefits is more based on how they can...

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Beards are cool...Extraordinary Beards are super cool

I can remember back to when I was in high school and was scolded by my track coach because I had a big beard.  The other coaches were complaining that I had to have been too old to "really" be in high school because my beard was so big.  Fact of the matter was that I started shaving in 5th grade and can grow a beard like no ones business. Over the years of facial hair...and living in the dry climates of New Mexico and Colorado...I realized that having an extraordinary beard means taking care of the hair.  So, I...

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