About Us

The founder of Extraordinary Beards has been a facial hair aficionado since he started shaving...right around the 5th grade.  Yes, he acknowledges that he probably has some Sasquatch blood in him and that his beard used to have a mind of its own.  That's why one day he became obsessed about conditioning his beard with simple yet healthy ingredients.  

After researching many other beard oils and finding them to be mostly based on fragrance (and not wanting to have a beard that wafts scents of grassy fields or summer rains) he decided to produce a blend of oils that was first and foremost based on what a beard needs to thrive.  

Living in Colorado meant the elements played a huge role on the health of his beard.  One day dry, next day moist with blistering sun and gusty winds, the climate in Colorado made it challenging to keep his beard looking good.  

His first blend was simply called BROWN...because that was the color of the bottle he had laying around.  With further tinkering BLUE was created, mainly for his friends who had shorter beard hair but still needed an oil that was invigorating and healthy.

Produced in small batches, Extraordinary Beards blends the finest carrier and essential oils to assure high levels of quality and extraordinary products.

Don't be ordinary...BE EXTRAORDINARY!