How to Use

The first step to keeping your beard extraordinary is using Extraordinary Beards Premium Beard Oil properly.  Follow these easy steps:

  1. It is best to apply your beard oil in the morning after start with a clean beard
  2. DRY IT!  Water is not a friend of oil, so make sure your beard is clean and dry.  If you need to borrow your lady's hair dryer then do so and don't worry about being embarrassed about using a hair dryer...your extraordinary beard will protect your ego...just use the hair dryer on AIR only...avoid the heat!
  3. Place an appropriate number of drops of Extraordinary Beards Premium Beard Oil in your palm.  If your beard is shallow and not very long yet you will only need 3-5 drops.  If your beard is fairly burly and thick then 6-8 drops should do.  If you can wrap your face in your beard to keep warm then using 10-12 drops would be appropriate.  Remember, a little goes a long way and a beard dripping in oil is surely not extraordinary.
  4. Spread your Extraordinary Beards Premium Beard Oil between your palms.  Don't get crazy and rub your hands together like an evil mastermind...just a quick swipe to spread the oil around.
  5. Run your hands over your beard and mustache with single swipes.  Don't forget the under-beard as well.  Then use your finger tips to massage the oil throughout your facial hair.
  6. Gently comb through your beard to spread the oil around.
  7. Look in the mirror and your beard is EXTRAORDINARY!

* Follow up note:  The health of your beard will really be affected by the climate you live in and how much it is exposed to the elements.  If you are in a very dry climate then you may need to increase the oil you use by a few drops.  You can also add a second treatment at the end of the day.  Just remember that beard oil DOES NOT follow the normal man law rule of "more is always better" don't over do it!